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Before the HH series it was easy to judge the fallen Primarchs and their Legions as inherently currupt and willing to fall to chaos. Now Im not sure. As we get more insight into the Primarchs like Lorgar and Magnus and Alpharius they dont seem to be mindless savages driven mad by war and bloodshed.

Therefore using what is being written now in the HH series can that be projected into the 40k arena.

Ok ill come out with it instead of beating about the bush, I want to see regret. I want to see one of the chaos primarchs retain some of the virtues they had prior to the fall. I want to see Magnus working on a way to free his legion from chaos in secret - to hate the chaos gods and work tirelessly to still overcome them, to be beyond his hatred for Russ (who he keeps in a cage by his throne). To seek redemption in some way, to deeply regret becoming a pawn of the dark gods and to still be able to grow in knowledge and power to help mankind over throw them.
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