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Default Anatheme = Daemon weapons?

Alright, so I was reading 'Horus Rising' the other day, and was reading the Interex's description of anathemes as made of "sentient metal" by kenebrek metallurgists, and are too dangerous to be taken out of interment. But they also (according to the Interex) capable of becoming the antithesis of whomever the energies of the wielder directs it at. Also the human delegate says that the way the weapons are made uses a technique that is not understood, and is now forbidden.

So, I got to thinking, could these be misunderstood daemon-weapons. My possibly reason for this is the fact that the human defence co-ordinator that Loken talks to says about their contact with the Eldar who warned them about 'Kaos' (a.k.a. Chaos), and, since it isn't made explicit which came first; the eldar warnings or the banning of the kenebrek metallurgy, I thought that possibly the not understood process might be binding a daemon (i.e. a sentient entity, making the metal sentient) to the weapon.

Yes? No? Maybe? Please give me your thought
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