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Im afraid Im going to have to put the old dog down, for its own sake :D

Basically there wont really be a point in keeping this thread alive, I made the thread to collect rumours for the upcoming codex and well the codex is pretty much out right now.
Well, some of you will have to wait until tomorrow or should have received the codex in the mail today if you preordered it.

Basically this thread has served its purpose, trying to bring all the rumours I could find into a single place. Ever since I started with the GK/SoB thread last year tons have poped up on other sites so there is definitely a demand for this kind of thread.

Since the codex and first wave is released tomorrow and wave 1.5 on the 20th I dont think we will hear too much for a few months. I do think we should see the second wave of models within 6months though, the question is just what month. They could tie it in with another army second wave, maybe even as early as Jan with the Skaven but I doubt that. The only thing we know is that the next wave will probably feature the Haemonculi.

So all in all there wont really be a point for this thread to go on, DE could be discussed in general and with rumour drought threads just wither away and die. So I have decided to lock the thread and put it in the rumours vault for anyone masochistic enough to read it :D
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