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I dont have a blog and will probably new get one, Im just too inconsistent with this kinda stuff.

You want more sprue reviews? I thought pretty much everything could be found online by now. The only kit I have not posted pics on would be the Ravager but it only comes with an extra sprue... oh wait, I just did...

I wont be buying too much of the DE at launch, Im hoping for a battleforce but I doubt there will be one any time soon.

Since I will be creating an all female army I will be buying most of my models in bits form as well. The models I got the other week were gifts because Ive been donating so much to the local club.

I will see if I can get some early models from the GK range once they are released, I only get the codex 3 weeks before release and others will have posted everything about the codex by then as happened with the DE.
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