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Default The Sanguinor

i was just reading a review on bloodline and whould like to see what you guys think the sanguinor is or who it is.

my personal idea is that it is sanguinius himself or more along the lines of a wraithlord type construct that contains the soul of the angel.

we see many pictures of the primarchs with waystone type items on their armour and id like to think with the emperors experience with psychic stuff he was able to maybe have abit of knowledge as to the use of such items.
maybe he feared some could be slain in battle or knew who would be slain in the HH so had those items placed on the armour of some primarchs and later constructed the nessecary bodies for the waystones to be put to use and reading into the actions of the sanguinor then its possible that the course of the heresy had to go on without interruption for the emperors plan to succeed. maybe the emperor trusted a few beings with certain tasks to complete so to guide the events of the heresy has he wanted and sanguinius's death was a key task. so sanguinius knew he was gonna die but if his soul could be saved in a waystone then he could always be avaliable when he was needed most by the chapters of his bloodline.

there is questions as to the events of the short story in tales of heresy called 'the voice' were the heresy could have been stopped but it wasnt and everytime someone gets the knowledge of what horus is gonna do it never seems to gets passed on to the emperor without something going wrong.
i personally cant see how a being like the emperor couldnt have seen the events of the heresy when all sorts of beings who are alot weaker than Him have knowledge of whats gonna happen long before it does and this for me always falls into the catergory that the emperor knew and he had a plan that needed to be followed at all cost.

for me having sanguinius avaliable for the end times would be invaluable and by creating a wraithlord type construct for him to use would be the best way to have him on the side of good.

what do you guys think?
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