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Originally Posted by necronic View Post
hey guys, this is a list im trying to work out and i was hoping you guys could help me with it, please only constructive criticism. its equals out to like 1700.

kayvaan shrike 195 points.
Nice. Don't see him used often, to be expected from a raven guard army.

10 man tac squad with a melta gun and heavy bolter in a drop pod 210 points
I would swap the heavy bolter for either a multi-melta or a missile launcher. And swap the drop pod for either a rhino or a razorback, preferably with either TW assault cannons or TW lascannons. I would prefer the razorback.

Or alternatively you could drop the scout squads and have another tactical squad, with the same layout as above and a razorback.

scouts with snipers and camo cloaks 140 points
scouts with snipers and camo cloaks 140 points

Put Telion in one of the squads (I know he's not raven guard but you can use counts-as). Give both squads a missile launcher, especially Telions. You can drop the camo cloaks on Telions squad as his rule is effectively the same.

terminator assualt squad with lightning claws 200 points

If you can give them a LRR, maybe with a multi melta for 240/250 points respectively. expensive I know, but they will be a lo tmore effective with the added firepower/mobility. Also, I would switch 3 of the Lightning claws for 3 TH/SS.

vernerable dred. twinlinked autocannon/CC weapon with droppod 210points

You could drop this guy to fit in my suggestions above.

fast attack:
assault squad, seargent with power fist/plasma pistol 130
assault squad, seargent with lightning claws(is it possible to have a guy wiht a flamer and a CC weapon?) if so it comes out to 125 points

I'm not a massive fan of assault squads, especially at 5-men strong. I would drop for either Land Speeders with MM/HF or one or two bike squads. I prefer the bike squad option.

landspeeder with assault cannon 90points

Single Land Speeders will die quickly. I would drop all together. Now you can afford all of the suggestions above! (I think...)

heavy support:
devastator squad with las/plasma cannon/heavy bolter/ML 180 points

Evertime I see a devastator squad I just think 'Ewwww'. They are crap mate. Awful manouverability, awfully expensive to boot. I would swap for 2 vindicators (if you can, which if you follow my suggestions above and below, you should be able to)

pred with twin linked lascannons/ heavy bolter sponsons

If you go with 2 vindicators, swap this predator for a predator with heavy bolter side sponsoons and a storm bolter for 95 points.

tell me what you think(:
Hope this helps mate.
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