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i think you may have not read into my comment properly mate.

i was trying to point out that who is to say chaos isnt the way forward. you are looking at it from the point of view of a man but why cant chaos be the true path.
it seems to have a lot of power, maybe the most power out of any entity in 40k, seems to be able to influence not just man but everything in the 40k galaxy down to a cellular level. the out come isnt pretty but it just depends on how you look at it.
the csm have a total different outlook on the galaxy then when they were loyal to terra and from their actions seem to got what chaos promised them (power) even if they didnt complete the mission of ending the imperium (which might be what the powers wanted so probably not so bothered about anyway) so chaos hasnt just used them and spat them out like you might expect from failiars.
now you may try and say look what they do to their followers but its all that dissimilar to what the imperium does, defo not as bad but its not like the imperium is a utopia anyway. the imperium wouldnt think twice about ending planets if they thought it was the correct course of action and so would chaos.

so hit on my point again it just depends on how you look on it. obviously some of the emperors forces got pissed at him for one thing or another and decided to turn against his plans but the emperor didnt seem able to stop any of this so if he is all that then why not take his warpself into the heart of each chaos gods domain and end it once and for all. the answer that comes to my mind is chaos is so ingrained into everything in the galaxy (possibly universe) that whos to say it isnt the true way for all exsistence, at least its not the c'tan way which is total eradication of all life at the quickest possible speed.
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