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the ultimate space wolf insult...

They came through the early morning fogs. They were unseen at first, we only knew they were there by their mono-tone chant 'For the Russ'. At first we thought we were hearing the ghosts of our fallen brothers, echoes of the great warriors lost weeks before. Perhaps early morning winds carrying their voices to guide us in battles yet to come. Then Hrethgir was felled by a powerful blast. The blast nearly incinerated his body, it only left his charred burned remains contained with in his still melting armour. With out pause we leapt to our feet ready to make battle. Again, we heard a monotone chant of 'For the Russ' echo through the cool morning air. Then the fire came upon us. With all the accuracy of our brothers they moved in, firing their weapons. Our shots merely richocheted off their armor. While they closed in, they killed. But draw them in we did. At tooth and claw, we were better and we knew it. We would draw them into hand to hand and best them. And so we did. In the mists of the morning, we engaged these attackers like true sons of the Russ! We did bring carnage to them and we feeled them to a man. It was only later, as the mists cleared in the light of the rising sun that we did discover the truth. The attackers who had Killed Hrethgir, the very ones who had mocked us with their chants of Russ, the very ones that we ourselves had killed... were none other then our brothers, enslaved by the dark powers, forced to fight their own brother even beyond their own death...
A while back I had an idea for a counts-as unit of Thousand Sons. Captured enemy marines that have been Servitorized into zombi-esque combat units. I figure my warband has close ties to the Dark Adeptus and this would explain how they have the ability to construct these. The AP 3 bolts is explained as the constructs utilizing captured Kraken bolter rounds while the 4+ inv save is explained as having a force field, curtousy of the Dark Adeptus. The Sorceror is infact a Dark Adeptus tech priest, which is in fact the point of this first post. I'm still waiting on the cyborg parts to come in from MaxMini so I can build the Space-servitors. But I have completed the Tech Priest and want to show him off a bit and get any feed back or criticism on him I can. Honest feed back only please.

Oh and just to clarify, yes I am going to be running Space Wolves that count as Thousand sons...

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