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Originally Posted by Winterous View Post
Madcow, you seem to have several things wrong there.
First of all, are Wyches only WS4??

The Wyches are assaulting the Orks, not the other way around.
The Wyches have 1 attack base, +1 for two weapons, and +1 for charging, so 30 attacks total, not 20.
You didn't factor in their pistols, which, well, I suppose they could have Fleeted.
And don't the Wyches have some crazy rules in CC?

The Orks, attacking back, only have Strength 3 when they don't charge, so they're wounding 50%, rather than 66%.

So basically, there should be 6.something dead Orks, and SIGNIFICANTLY fewer Wych casualties.
IF the Wyches get the charge.

And plus, working out mathhammer in a vacuum is always a bad idea.
There are so many other variables in the game that you have to take into account.

What if there is a bigger threat on the board?
What if their transport gets shot?
What if the Orks have a transport?
What if the Orks have FNP?
Take into account the Power Klaw too?

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