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About FNP and how awesome it is.

Lets use Wyches since they are likely to need it the most.

You assault 30 orks with 10 Wyches who have all 3 token upgrades (FNP, FC and Fearless).
Attacks: 20
Hit Chance: 50%
Hits: 10
Wound Chance: 50%
Wounds: 5
Saved Wounds: 0.833
Unsaved Wounds: 4.167
Models Killed: 4.167

So you managed to kill 4 orks with 10 basic Wyches with 3 pain tokens. So 26 orks hit back.

Attacks: 78
Hit Chance: 50%
Hits: 39
Wound Chance: 66.67%
Wounds: 26
Saved Wounds: 13
Feel No Pain Saves: 6.5
Unsaved Wounds: 6.5
Models Killed: 6.5

So they kill 6 of your Wyches with 26 ork and you lose combat by 2 which means 2 fearless saves resulting in 1 more dead Wych. This leaves you with 3 Wyches still alive.

Its all down to the dice gods but as you can see statistically you should have survived the combat. Without FNP you would have died taking 13 wounds. So now those 26 remaining orks are stuck in combat in your opponents turn and will ofc win but this leaves them open to a shooting attack from you on your turn.
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