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Originally Posted by Wolf_Lord_Skoll View Post
Hmmm, I want 5 Beastmasters each with two Razorwing Flocks. 54 wounds that can dish out 60 I5 WS4 Rending attacks on the charge ^_^

EDIT: Now my turn for a question or two. Can Haemonculii/Ancient take a Phantasm Grenade Launcher? Also, can a standard Haemonculii take artefacts?
No and yes if by artifacts you mean Arcane Wargear.

Originally Posted by Wolf_Lord_Skoll View Post
Oh, and I have a third question haha. What happens if a Beastmaster dies in his unit? Like, are the beasts he controls effected in any way?
No, though they all have very low Leadership, so they'll be driven off fairly easily.
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