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Just finished it. Thought it was good. As for spear, he was altogether different prior to experimentation by the clade. Erebus added some extras but spear's abilities don't conform to anything we already know about.
Kell dies apparently although that is a bit of a low point . Seemed totally futile and wasteful. On the other hand the thing with his sister had messed him up a bit.
The thing i was most impressed with was the humanising of all the types of asassins. From the old codex they were practically robots(in action and mindset) but this book really expanded on what they were like inside. The calidius, vindicare and the culexis all now have a semi human face and we can see that they are actually people. The garantine was the best though, his portrayal is excellent, his potency and mindset.
I found the concept of the infocyte to be quite engaging as well, the digital asassin makes a lot of sense really.

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