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Presuming the forces aren't wiped out:

I think the Empire, Skaven and possibly Chaos Dwarves would have extremely powerful technology, and probably advance their magic a little bit

Lizardmen would seem to have the levels of technology that the Dwarves, Empire and Skaven have now, their extremely slow to advance and already behind most other armies

The Dwaves probably would advance, but extremely slowly. I believe it's been stated that Dwarves don't really open up to new ideas, instead choosing to use tried and tested ideas and tech.

I can certainly see the Orcs becoming like the Orks of the 40K world. More technology based made of stuff stolen from the other races and using a lot of luck to put them together, but still living in shacks and dependent on war

I can see the Ogres becoming a bit more civilized, but not particularly fast, still being relatively savage and tribal, same goes for Beastmen

Wood Elves probably wouldn't advance much since they rely on the forest for their way of life.

The High Elves and Dark Elves would probably be on their way to being Eldar and Dark Eldar, being more technologically advanced (and magically probably)

Tomb Kings don't seem to advance at all and would remain as they are now

Vampire Counts do kinda advance, and would probably be near the same tech levels as real life humans are now. I can see them using tech the same way Alucard out of Hellsing does.

Bretonnia would advance but slower than the Empire.

Daemons would remain similar, only difference is the chaos gods would create some newer and more twisted daemons

Warriors of Chaos would probably evolve, similar to the Empire, but not as much as say the Chaos Dwarfs would.

Only other place/ race I know about, Albion would slowly advance, even if the druids hate the idea of it.

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