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Originally Posted by Vaz View Post
Whoa, cut the attitude dude. He's only trying to help, and fuck me, it's expensive enough. Christ, I pin the wings on my Vultures, and they're less than half the size, and have no weight on them.

Better safe than sorry.
You should read carefully that what I wrote cuz I said that I am not unthankful for his tips, I just said that I' d like to do It my way and that It is annoying to hear the same sentence over and over again, It is not like I am working for him

Originally Posted by Inquisitor Varrius View Post
Ok, it's sage advice, but I'll second that the repetition is annoying. It's JasonDark's model, it's his to do with as he likes.

Anyway, back to topic: I never realized how big these things were. How tall is it at the top of its back? It's freakin' ginormous.

Any idea when this starts being painted?
I already said that I don' t have enough time since I got other things to do which means that you have to wait at least till Xmas

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