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Originally Posted by Stella Cadente View Post
I haven't experienced racism personally, but I admit to handing out my fair share when I'm working.

for example whenever there is an Indian wedding being put on where I work its nothing but a negative image on indians, all the weddings are fixed weddings, so a dumb woman too stupid to say no being forced on some ugly bloke, and all the people are extremely ignorant, you tell them not to go here or there they go there and here, you tell them what they can't do and they still do it, and they look and speak to you like your some shit on there boot.

or at various trade shows when we have stands handing out free items or samples, you'll see indians loading trolly bags full of items, taking them to there cars and coming back for more, so we banned large bags like that in the halls that the show is on in and they bitch and moan and complain at how unfair it is and everyone else has to suffer for there greed, we even had a whole famikly come in once with a disabled lady on a chair, and when they came out all the kids were carrying bags full of merchandise and the wheelchair was stacked with the stuff, and then the old lady struggles out carrying bags while barely walking with a stick.

you just can't help call them an ignorant disgusting people when you see that happen, I'm not saying all indians are like that, but when you see a minority do this all the time, it gives the Majority a really bad reputation.

the same with french, there just completely ignorant, there another bunch where if you tell them what to do they ignore you and think there superior to you, inside work I hate dealing with them, and outside work I want to hit the garlic sniffing surrender monkeys.

an example that stands out in my mind for them would be on a bus, 2 french guys sitting in the disabled area with about 6 large bags all over the floor not in the bag area, there bags kept falling over and hitting this one lady across from them, when she complained they acted like there the ones being disturbed by all this, so they move the one bag complaining in there stupid language and tutting, and when a lady in a wheelchair comes on again they complain and moan and tut when the driver has to tell them to move for the lady.

I can't stand them at all.

but I've seen brits just as bad, but you sort of expect it where i work because most of them are Jaguar driving suit wearing company executives who believe themselves superior to jesus, or just builder bum showing stand builders who don't know what work is and hate being told what to do.

give me a nice well mannered hard working polish guy any day of the week.
this is exactly what I'm talking about- bolded parts are about culture rather than race- they say "people who buy into this culture suck" instead of "people who have this set of genes suck."

in other words, according to bolded, it doesn't matter if you're black, white, indian or whatever if you're riding an elephant at your wedding, you're a douche

you know what? forget bolded, the entire post supports this

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