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Originally Posted by ckcrawford View Post
I agree, most people who complain about racism are at least accepted by a race. The hardest group that I have seen face the full effects of racism are half breeds like myself. Not accepted by any race and often being stereotyped by both races. I think its more a problem for younger kids like most racism but its often quite sad.

My experience. Lived in South America for a while I was often referred to being white and Gringo got picked and beaten up for it. So I think I got the idea that I was actually white. So here I am going to the United States thinking I'm white, having a discussion with one of my friends that regard themselves as liberal and open minded about things. I fill out one of those college questionaires (one question about what race I am), my friend stops me before I fill out the bubble and says, your not white, your hispanic. I must confess that kind of hurt. And even my friends knowing my previous history would not regard me as being one of them. Not being accepted by any race sucks ass. I say fuck what other people say, be proud of what you are and where your from. If you let other people define you, thats exactly what they'll do, and most of the time they aren't even trying to hurt you. You got define yourself.
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