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Originally Posted by Jack Jack View Post
While what you said is logically sufficient, it is not acceptable. You can be a misanthrope while acknowledging it is wrong. You can hate everyone, and yet still hate yourself for hating everyone.
So I am wrong for being a misanthrope and accepting that?

Originally Posted by Jack Jack View Post
People are stupid. They are idiots, really. They are so dumb that they do not deserve your hate, they can't help it. It's not their fault if they are so stupid, they are merely victims. You should help them however you can and feel good about it without expecting any kind of positive reinforcement on their part, it will make your world even slightly bette. Otherwise, you will be miserable for nothing. And people are not good enough to deserve that you suffer.

This, my friend, is a misanthropic argument for philanthropy. Or, if you will, a misanthropic argument against misanthropy.

There you go.
You clearly don`t understand misanthropy. If you hate something, you generally wouldn`t aim to aid it would you? If you don`t (want to) understand that is fine, but please don`t think you can tell me how to believe what I do. Never do I act on my beliefs in the way a racist attacker would; if a stranger asked me for directions, I would help them. If someone needed a hand with something, I would help. Being a misanthrope does not mean I am some evil asshole out to destroy everyone`s fun, it is simply an outlook on mankind in general. I hate what we have become, what I think we are going to be. If I learned today that the species would be wiped out tomorrow, I would not shed a tear.

Originally Posted by Lord Sven Kittyclaw View Post
I have found that so so so many people love to play the race card, I have seen people get found with illegal substances, and weapons by the police, and say "its because im___ (Insert persons origins or race here) Its fucking idiotic. Your the racest if your pulling race. Not the person busting you for being a dumbass.
I see this too often from all sides. Predominantly at the Shopping centre that houses my nearest GW store. People love to congregate here, as it`s one of the largest shopping centres in the southern hemisphere. Australia is a multiculturalist nation (worst idea ever) so arguments inevitably ensue.

Asians, Blacks, Lebanese, Whites, Indians, I have seen them all at one point or another. They have no reason to fight, they simply do out of hate.

On a happy note, there are people of several races at my work and in my circles of friends. We share joke with an indian fellow at work regarding the state of the venues at Delhi for the Commonwealth games. We always tread carefully around what he has built (we work in a kitchen factory) to "make sure it doesn`t collapse. One time we even wrote an elaborate "Caution: Fragile, Made by Indian" on the side of one of his cabinets in permanent marker.

He laughed as hard as the rest of us because he knew it was a joke. He is actually one of the better assemblers in the factory. So is this considered racist? If it is simply a joke, and the affected person has no problem, is it still wrong?

On a similar note, one of the guys in our gaming circle is asian. Whenever a math related issue arises, we look to him as a joke and ask him the answer. Naturally, he doesn`t know, and we remark stuff like "You`re the worst asian ever," and as in my above example, he takes it in good humour, usually hitting back with a snide remark of his own. We of Irish descent are usually the easiest targets.

I am of English/Irish background. I am neither a tea drinking nancy nor a hard drinking wife beater.

I work a physically demanding job, and I don`t drink.

Racial stereotypes are bullshit, so I pay them no mind. It`s a shame more can`t do the same.

Nonsense is our Salvation

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