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Originally Posted by Catpain Rich View Post
Not every black person is american.

Drawing any conclusion based on someone's skin colour (other than it is that colour) is racist surely. Beause you're distinguishing between people based on the colour of their skin.
what he means is, some things that are misunderstood as racist are actually not based off of race, rather culture.

in other words, it's like saying "all jews wear kippot" it's not necessarily correct either, but it's not based off of race, but culture.

so instead of "all black people play basketball" it's "all people who subscribe to 'black culture' play basketball"

note that these aren't necessarily correct either- some jews don't consider kippot necessary just as some black people (read: people who subscribe to "black culture") think basketball is stupid.

the point is- it's not based off of race

(BTW- "black culture" as used here is... well, black culture. soul plane, caddyshack, etc.)

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