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Originally Posted by Tim/Steve View Post
I get really confused over Skulltaker after reading "Blood for the Blood God"... where the Skulltaker is described a little differently to normal and where, although he isnt defeated, he doesn't actually manage to win (the book ends with an even 'irrelevant' battle).

But for the love of Khorne dont go out of your way to read it... it must be the worst black library book I've ever read (although I'm reading Brother's of the Snake currently and its rivalling it so far).

*Spoilers Ahead*

I must disagree with you there. IMO Blood for the blood god is one of the best BL books to-date.

I'm not sure wether the skulltaker there is the one that I'm talking about ( Codex version ), but in that book he is like the Chuck Norris of the WHF world. AKA total badass . And he Wins! His mission is a complete success by the end of the book...

Maybe the 2 Skulltakers aren't related, or maybe C.L.Werner showed us how the Codex version of Skulltaker was born ( Read the ending a bit more thoroughly please ).
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