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Default Thousand Sons Blog: Latest Update 2/10

So, I'm starting work a new 40k army for an upcoming progressive campaign.

The rules simply being: Paint and Play something you've never done before.

After much thought and deliberation I settled for Chaos Space Marines. They strike me as having the greatest potential for fun and bonkers conversion ideas.

What should in theory follow will be a project log that follows the army as it grows from 500 to 1250 over the campaign, to 3000 as my final goal.

I started painting last week and this is the early stage stuff I have so far.

The plan is to paint the entire army without the use of metallic paint which should force my hand at trying NMM for once.


Chaos Marine Squad:

and closer look

Still have a lot of work to do on these guys. Need to bore out the gun barrels, do the bone sections and decide how the hell I want to base the the army.

Their Rhino:

Bonus points if you recognise the symbol on the top hatch.

And a quick peek at the very very very beginnings of my Scorcerers. Being Thousand Sons themed, I need a boat load of these. I'm playing with the idea of making a scorcerer unit as a zerker unit. All hopped on warptime frenzied out psykers.

The Infernal Council of the Lord of Nine Tzeentch C:SM Project Log

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