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Originally Posted by Khorne's Fist View Post
I think the point about the 30k's being more independent and free thinking is a good one. The codex is extremely restricting, actively discouraging thinking outside the box (Uriel Ventris anyone?), so I think they may have been quicker to respond to a tactical situation, or find it easier to adapt.
Not really. Despite the common sterotype the Codex is not really restrictive at all.

Index Astartes Imperial Fists notes that the Codex actively encourages initative in the lower ranks and the Imperial Fists got more flexible and less predicatable when they adopted the Codex. The whole point of the Codex is tactical flexiblity.

Alongside the Ultramarines, the Imperial Fists have become the epitome of Codex doctrine. All ranks are able to make tactical decisions and are encouraged to act on initiative. The Imperial Fists combine all arms in flexible balanced battle groups each of which can present an opponent with a diversity of threats then press their attack so swiftly that the foe is overwhelmed before he can react.
Plus the codex is evolving all the time.

Index Astartes Ultramarines

The Codex Astartes laid down the tactical doctrines of the Imperium's fighting forces and was to grow and evolve over the millennia into a massive tome that detailed everything from battlefield stratagems to uniform markings for various squad types.

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