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Whoops! I always run my CSMs in 10s so often that I keep forgetting about that. Aw well, minor adjustment.

The only problem is getting a champion, and then a pfist in it, is 40 points. I kept trying but I couldn't find anything I wanted to take the points out of.


I know I said I was done arguing, but I just have to say this....

"Those who accepted any challenge, no matter the odds"? From the person arguing that you have to mathhammer through the odds or you suck? I smell a bit of hypocrisy.

Okay then, how about this for a challenge... at your next tournament, play CSM, but do not take a single lash or warptime prince, plague marine, berserker, chosen or obliterator. If you want to prove that you're not just full of it and actually have skill beyond the ability to use a calculator, see how you do with what you consider crap.

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