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I'm just having fun as well, I enjoy a good argument. One could easily say that this entire discussion is valid or invalid, however neither equate truth. I would like to see where lord waffles will prove that every unit will have a cover save 100% of the time in 100% of world wide games played. They again, it would depend on how he defined unit, cover, etc. Could one say that 50% of my squad if covered by the other 50% if I played them is a solid block? I mean you can't see at least 50% of my units in the squad with TLOS because the first people in line obviously block LOS to the ones behind them. -add in sarcastic comment here- That must be how he explains 100% of units have 100% cover, but then what about MC's and vehicles? they aren't in squdrons all the time so how do they benefit from this same measure...

Either way MoT armies can be competitive such as the one IntereoVivo just posted above. I've seen others slightly different, but that list smashes faces quite well.

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