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Originally Posted by LordWaffles View Post
The definition will be "Those who accepted any challenge, no matter the odds, may earn this prestigious title" Besides, I'm god-damned awesome.
i appreciate that i no longer have to take you seriously.

Originally Posted by Whizzwang View Post
God bless you ignore function

don't let what any one has said about your list discourage you from your idea. i know for a fact non-Lash builds win games because i've seen different players win with different builds at different stores. and yeah, those builds have won tourneys.

the idea that there is only one perfect build for CSM (or any army in 40K really) is stupid, and certainly not true. mathhammer and theoryhammer be damned, i believe what i've seen more.

good hunting.

Amid the Weeping and the Woe, Accursed Daemon Thou Remain And Rot; I Know Thee Filthy as Thou Art I Know...

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