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Originally Posted by LordWaffles View Post
Now then, you say units are not in cover. To that I will simply reply that you are bad.
Playing as an infantry templar list I'm not out of cover unless I want to be. Ever. Period. Unless you double lash me out of it. Try not playing mech and you'll see what I mean. You just have to have 50% of a walking unit TOUCH that terrain piece.
when i play with my mate on hit table (doesnt happen that offen) about 80% of the bord is open terrain, with maby a hill in the very middle and a few small bits of vision blockingness around the place, and also in all the games ive seen played down at the club near me... the same kinda situation its not completely covered, and if you want to move more then 3 inches away from your table edge you have to be out of cover

Actually I do go up to the table and immediately tell my opponent whether their list is bullocks or not. If they take offense it makes them drive harder and act stupid, and I can drink their tears for sustenance.
and this makes you an asshole

I would like to see him play an army that is capable of being used for fun and for competition. Tzeentch is exceedingly hard to do so
who gives a fuck about competition? having fun is the name of the game, im pretty sure thats on page 2 of the rulebook mate

When I said basic gear, I suppose I should have said "The standard gear given to every plague marines squad that was ever fielded with the intent to win a game". To me, that means with just the basic, everyday gear of champ with fist and double melta/plasma.
"Baisc" wargear is such a general term its not even funny... and whats wrong with dual flamer plague marines eh?

I don't believe you have ever taken a math class. We use mathhammer in order to devise a controlled lab setting to pit one thing against another. It shows us what usually happens, excluding outliers as you cannot successfully always be an outlier nor should you plan for it.
Maths hammer is used to compare one thing to another on a fair playing ground, by eliminating the luck in the equation in order to provide a "fair" comaprisin between two or more things, its NOT somthing to base your whole army around... hell i once lost 3 termis to a squad of 10 necrons in one round of firing :/

Honestly I'd advocate over the IoT vanilla marines. At least you get special weapons/cheaper
and they also have a 5++ (not a 4++) and everything that isnt a special weapon in their squad sucks.... oh and if the icon is killed (IE through a mind war) then you wasted your points

It's because I'm not a trash player that I can get cover when I need it. Planning ahead, experience and being able to read the board make it possible for my units to be in cover every time without fail(Outside lash).
One cannot be in cover were cover does not exsist, unless of corse your cheating

As for regular 40k I can hypothesize that I've played more than you as I'm not the one asking for a tzeentch list that is also competitive.
once again... competitive is not part of the equasion he just wanted help with a list of a certian theme... somthing you seem to be incapable of helping with

Also guys, how low do we have to scrape if we ignore mathhammer. Really. Solid advice I can see ignoring, dreamed up tactics and counterpoints I can see being ignored, but mathhammer? You can't fudge the numbers on it if used properly. If my math was off point it out but don't throw out the building blocks of society because you don't like the truth I bring. We need math! Math is good!
Not ignoring mathhammer... just not listeingin to the bullshit your trying to pull as maths hammer, your bending and assuming shit that makes your mathshammer worthless biest crap

a squad of 10 plague marines shooting at a squad of space marines and a squad of 10 (9+sorc) TS's shotting at a squad of space marines, the TSons are going to cause more wonds EVERY time (unless the SM's are in a bunker in which case it will be even) and as for getting shot, the PM's will live alot more bolter fire... but alot less special weapon (Plasma, melta any kind of powerweapon or Pie-plate type weapon) unless of corse they are in cover which you seem to assume they are for some odd reason....

in my honist opinion, either start being helpful and help this guy make a Tzeentch list or go harrass someone elses thread man :/

Originally Posted by The Boz View Post
Don't do it. If you find yourself thinking "Gee, I wish I had a Power Fist right about now" while playing IG, you did something wrong.
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