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Originally Posted by LordWaffles View Post
Personally I think he should play nothing but flotillas of chaos spawn.
But seriously, this board would be nothing more than a communal circle jerk if we didn't try to explain the full synopsis of units, both good AND bad sides. I like tsons, I like the fluff, the empty armor is awesome. But they don't do too good in tournaments and you're mathematically better off with PMs for holding objectives.
now i have to dissagree about the PM thing, it is completely variable

if your getting Pie plated by a vindi out in the open then TS's are going to be better, but if your vsing say a few sqauds of Storm troopers then PM's are probably going to be alot more useful

EDIT: also giving him the bad points while useful is not the same as telling him to play somthing he doesnt want to play

he wanted to play Tzeentch, and yet early on someone was telling him to run Khorne (i love Khorne but i respect his choice to play Tzeentch) therefore anything related to any other type of cult troop is irralivent because he wants to play Tzeentch

it doesnt matter how much better somthing is then anything else END OF STORY

Originally Posted by The Boz View Post
Don't do it. If you find yourself thinking "Gee, I wish I had a Power Fist right about now" while playing IG, you did something wrong.

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