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once again assumptions shows a person with low intellect! And a poor ability to read, digest, anaylse and comment! If you actually look at what I said you will see I didn't actually discredit it but implied rather than be and end all it should be used as a tool to assess a situation and make a balanced plan of attack! Just because the maths say it will happen isn't always true! It gives you the probabilty! Not the actual outcome! How fucking boring would it be if that was how it worked! So rather than this childish debate of irrelevance to the post use your 'skills' as a general to add to the post or don't bother, we're are suppose to be here to offer advice and tips! If you've got nothing constructive to put in why bother at all!
Sorry rant over!
So to the list
Dp with mot wings boc and wt 200
5 tsons with sorcerer db 185
5 nilla marines with mg ac pw 115
I think thats quite a solid start! When you move up bulk out troops and add in some transport!
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