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Honestly if you look at building you DP for all comers on all tables, warptime is the only power that will come in handy 100% of the time. Assaulting all vehicles including heavy?..warptime up. Assaulting any infantry, including heavy?..warptime up..and then warptime up again in your opponents CC phase. The problem with putting anything with range on a DP is that you want to be running every shooting phase to get this beast into combat. Worried about survivability?..give it MoN. MoT seems like a good choice, but mass fire from low AP weapons is going to take you out easily. Higher toughness from MoN means those pea shooters are going to be bouncing off of you much more often. Your opponent will be forced to use his high str low AP weapons on you which saves your tanks/Oblits.

Wind of Chaos is nice, but I would only take it on a MoT DP, after I have taken warptime. And the worry with this build is that it will kill too much of the squad before it assaults, due to re-rolling WoC wornds as well, either leaving nothing in assault range, or ending combat in your turn leaving your opponent to shoot at you in his.

Best to leave Daemon Princes cheap and effective; 155 for unmarked WT DP, 160 for a MoS WT DP, or 175 for Mon WT DP. He will either soak up a bunch of fire, or decimate heavy targets. It doesn't take great generalship to easily make this guys points back.

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