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Originally Posted by IntereoVivo View Post
So, I know I should be letting shaantitus answer this, but I'm bored.

No one. "11 'Zerkers" don't fit in a Rhino. Oh, and statistically, 8 rapid-firing TSons will kill more guys then an 8 man 'Zerk squad with a PF Champ. Don't believe me? Check it out-->TSons/Zerks
You forgot that this is coverhammer 40k, so subtract half of those kills on the tzeentch bolter side. Also you should factor in the zerkers firing pistols beforehand.
Plus you forgot that if the tzeentch marines get tagged by a walker they have little hope of ever stopping it in combat, and they cost way more then the zerks.

But I'll humor you with two ten man squads in realistic conditions:
Tsons shooting: (Marines in cover)
18 shots -> 9 hits -> 5 wounds -> 3 die(Or out of cover, five die)
Zerk assaulting: (Marines in cover)
36 swings -> 24 hits -> 16 wounds -> 5 die

I'm confused where you got your numbers, against marines Zerks rock face, five marines die before they swing, then you get four swings with a powerfist, three of which hit. The zerks are also LESS EXPENSIVE than the tsons.

Originally Posted by IntereoVivo View Post
Actually, 95.841 points a turn. That is, assuming the Sorcerer survives. And that each Battlecannon gets 5 hits, which, at 2" coherency, is unlikely. Link
So you keep your tsons out of rhinos or in them? Outside of rhinos you -could- statistically form a 2" gunline, but you'd be hard pressed to in realistic conditions, so he'll net about three/four a turn with the cannon. Or all of them if he just popped the rhino and you're trying to avoid being assaulted.
I mean really, ten tsons at 2" coherancy is twenty inches of "ASSAULT MEEEE". I'd weep tears of joy if I saw such an expensive line of dudes, all ready to get their faces kicked in.

Originally Posted by IntereoVivo View Post
You called it, we didn't.
While I won't use the term "Tzeentchian wankfest 2010" I will make mention that in a tournament setting, nobody uses anything tzeentch outside of the dp of warptime(Good call on that).

I mean if you're just playing friendly games, more power to you.

I keep forgetting how hilarious my old posts are.

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