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back on topic guys, Tzeentch demands focus!

the games i'll be playing will be 500, 750, 1000, 1250 in that order.

Currently trying to build the 500pt force so baninging on about "10 of this for nearly 300 points" isn't really helpful at the moment.

And having run the maths on the God specific squads, the difference in number of men is negligible (not so much at low points granted, but still not really worth arguing about)

So, the topic.

is there an improvement on the below in 500. Remember the rules, the Tsons have to be included.

= DP + MoT, wings, gift
= 5 Tsons + wind of chaos, rhino (yeah I know doombolt rocks, but I see Wind being a game winner when there's not a lot on the table)
= 5 Undivided, melta, rhino

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