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I know a little girl that genuinely believes the 'c-word' everyone keeps referring to is 'crap'.

It's amazing how difficult it is to get banned at the local store I play at. I've seen grown men throw screaming tantrums, another throw dice at an opponent's head, and more cheaters than I can remember. Regardless, the only ones to ever get permanently banned are the thieves.

Well, they asked my friend John Blake not to play in the official tournaments, but mainly because he won too much, and less people would come to the tournament if they knew he was playing.

He is literally the best player I know though, and plays Ultramarines, Chaos Marines, and Blood Angels. He's gone to the Ard boyz nationals at least twice, and has placed in the top 10 both times. He's a really nice guy though. If you're not a very experienced player, however, he will table you by turn 3.
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