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Well The baals Have the scout rule, meaning that if they are held in reserve they can come onto the table from the sides. they can work well and they wouldn't be targeted by every anti tank gun in the first few turns. If you want to go for a full Jumpers list I would drop them for a unit of Vanguard. These guys are pretty much a necessity in a Jumpers army as they can drop down and hold up a unit from shooting the other things that come down on your turn, which can be very good for you. One set up I swear by for them, it has made it's points back in all but 2 games I've used them is

Vanguard Assault Squad – X6, Jump Packs, X2 lightning claws(separate), X2 thunder hammer, X2 shields – 310pts

20pts more expensive than the 2 baals but you do get a lot of punch with these guys, able to deal wit pretty much every unit out there and with the 2 storm shields can take a fair bit of damage back. the mix of weapons also allows wound allocation to get helpful enough for you. Hope this helps. Remember it's just an option. IF you want to keep the baals by all means go ahead. It is your list after all

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