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Okay so I think I'm going to strip it down to the basics and build upfrom advice I want a mostly all out assault army with a couple o' tweaks (in the form of Ball Preds and maybe some other tricks)


Librarian 140
Infernus pistol
powers Sanguine Sword and the Blood Lance

Librarian 140
Infernus pistol
Powers Sanguine sword and Unleash Rage

(should I leave bolt pistols on both?)


Sanguinary Guard 285
Death Masks
Chapter Banner
2 Infernus Pistols
(might get rid of powerfist is it a good idea)


3 Assault Squads 245 each
+5 marines
2 meltaguns
Sergeant Infernus Pistol
(on the fence on that one maybe switch to hand flamers)
Power weapon (should I change any to power fists?)
melta bombs

Fast Attack

2 Baal Predators 145 each
Heavy Bolters

Heres where the tricky part comes in I want a big death company on jet packs with a good weapons load out I am wondering if it is worth the amount of points it is going to cost, also I want to find a place for some bikes maybe 2 bike squads with a MM attack bike each. Or I could add a destructor w/ lascannon sponsons. I'm leaning towards another option, dreadnoughts, specifically one or two librarian furiosos and two support dreads advice on weapons load outs would be great

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