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1st competitive BA list NEEDS REVISION

This is my first list for competitive tournaments, Its 2136 and Iím just shooting in the dark as to how effective this is going to be. The actual points limit for this tournament hasn't been decided yet I expect between 1850 to 2500. So please any constructive criticisms, advice, and critiques would be great. I want to break it down into 3lists, first thinning it down to 1850 and 2000 point lists, and also fleshing it out to a 2500 point list. Thanks in advance.

I'm mainly thinking of deepstriking most of my forces so any tips on what units to capitalize on that that would be great.


Librarian 178
Storm Bolter


Terminator Assault squad 220
4 TH &SS
1 LC

Sanguinary Guard 200
Chapter Banner
2 Infernus Pistols

Chaplain 128
Storm Bolter


2 (10 man) Assault Squads 250 each squad
+ 5 marines
2 meltaguns
Sargeants melta bombs
Saregeants power weapons

Death Company 395
+ 7 Marines
3 Power weapons

Fast Attack

2 Baal Predators 155 each
Heavy Bolters
Pintle Mounted Storm Bolters

Bike Squadron 205
+ 3 Bikes
X2 meltaguns
Sargeant Melta Bomb
Power weapon

Thinking of adding an Annihilator or another Baal Pred, maybe a land raider as designated transport for the Assault Terminators.

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