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Maybe we could bulk out each army, like a basic army to buy to get started like:



Put in simple words, buy this and you will on your way to making a Necron army. It contains twenty Warriors, three Destroyers and five Scarab Swarms. So essentially by buying this Battleforce, you have your two complusory troop choices of Warriors (ten in each unit). The three Destroyers, a great unit for long range support for a beginning Necron army. The five
Scarab Swarms provide the speed and assault bite, you need. Overall the Battleforce is a great deal considering, it would cost you: $35 USD per Necron Warrior box and $20 USD per Destroyer. Just buying this separately would cost you $95 USA, which is more than the Battleforce, and you’re getting eight less Necron arriors and two Less Scarab Swarms.

Three Battleforces will provide you with sixty Warriors, nine Destroyers and
fifteen Scarab Swarms for $240 USD from GW, but if you go online, stores like Wargaming World can provide a 20-30% discount. This may seem like a lot to start with but it provides you with the basis of a full 1500 point army. You probably wont use all this stuff so here's some tips to save more money by converting. You've just save around $75 USD.

Conversion Tips

Heavy Destroyers = Destroyers with bigger guns, Yes? Well, get using your imagination and convert three Destroyers into Heavy Destroyers. Extend the guns, bulk them out.

Do you really need sixty Warriors? I think not. Convert 8 or so into Flayed Ones, by reposing them and making some claws, sculpt some flesh onto there backs. Convert another 8 or so into Immortals, modify the gun, bulk their shoulders out and you've just saved over $150 USD by creating your own Flayed Ones and Immortals.

You could buy a Lord or convert one. Depends if you want to, as those models are really nice and its only one model.

Models generated from the three Battleforces.

1 Necron Lord (Modified from a Necron Warrior)
8 Immortals (Modified from Necron Warriors)
8 Flayed Ones (Modified from Necron Warriors)
43 Warriors
15 Scarab Swarms
6 Destroyers
3 Heavy Destroyers (Modified from Destroyers)

Reasonable force isn't it. By buying more stuff like Wraiths, Destroyer Lord and a Monolith, you could end up with something similar to this list.

Necron Lord Points:
Destroyer Body, Resurrection Orb, Warscythe

Immortals Points:
6 Immortals with Gauss Blasters

Flayed Ones Points:
8 Flayed Ones with Claws

Warriors Points:
12 Warriors with Gauss Flayers

Warriors Points:
12 Warriors with Gauss Flayers

Warriors Points:
12 Warriors with Gauss Flayers

Wraiths Points:
3 Wraiths with Barbed Tail, Claws

Monolith Points:


And still have models left over, to mix in and run in a 2000pt list. Overall the first purchase of three Battleforces may seem a lot but it isn't really.

Hope this helps for an example and other people looking into Necrons, I might be able to do this for most armies if you want.

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