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Man, Week 1 was great! We got four pages out of it and it's still going. I'm glad this seems to be working out. We also got a lot of good suggestions.

Suggestions pool as of Week 2
Sniper Drones
Lash Prince
Death Company
Plague Marines
Wave Serpents
Hive Tyrants
Avatar of Khaine
The Nightbringer
The Deceiver
Jump Packers
Kharn the Betrayer
Eldrad Ulthran

Eldar grav-tanks in general got a bit of interest, but we also just had a nice long thread about dealing with them, so I decided to hold off.

As a BA player I'm interested in hearing how people deal with JPs too, but Frosty got his pick last week

I think this week we'll go with something really scary...The Death Company

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