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Originally Posted by Tim/Steve View Post
Almost everytime I've seen Teclis used that wouldnt work as a counter- if he is by himself then he should survive this unless you get an irrisistable force. Teclis shuts down the magic phase pretty nicely: you have 2D6 PD, while he has the higher of those 2 dice plus D3 which means he has a good chance to have as many if not more DD then you have PD, and Teclis gets +5 to all dispel attempts... then he has his own personal scroll (which can permanently stop a spell).

If you do get lucky and the spell goes through you'll get an average of 5 hits, so about 4 wounds (yay he's dead)... but since I've only ever seen Teclis used with Caradryan standing right by him he'll be getting a 4++ ward against teh effect because of MR3: so you should only cause 2 wounds (he should live)... and then there are those evil bastards who have Teclis in a unit with the banner of the world dragon.. so he's utterly immune to all magic anyway (there's a reason I still havent beaten HE with my ogres in 8th... managed it with WE, but not vs Teclis).
Teclis does get his extra D3 DD, however both my frogs get a free power dice for every spell, so it's not that much of an advantage for him. This comes down to what exactly the PD roll ends up being. Caradryan + Teclis is only a question of averages. We've all played enough warhammer to know that you cannot reliably count on average rolls. Occasionally Teclis IS going to prune up like a magically shrivelled raisin.

You can cupped hands Teclis quite nicely. He only ignores miscats that HE makes. You are the one forcing a miscast with a frog and then transferring the result.

World Dragon doesn't overly concern me. That unit becomes target priority number one for 10x Salamander flame attacks each and every turn. Since the unit is T3, they get burned up quite easily.

So yeah, Caradryan sitting next to Tickles is annoying, but it's not the end of the world, Since both frogs can cast "Shrivel up and die" in the same phase and make him tempt the law of averages.

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