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Originally Posted by Whizzwang View Post
3 Salamander Team
3 Salamander Team
2 Salamander Team
2 Salamander Team
Can you do this? The rulebook says you cannot have more than two duplicates of the same rare or special? or have you interpreted it as you can have varied sizes of the same unit without it being a duplicate? Because that's not how I read it. If it turns out you can't do this, then maybe Razordons? If you can, Salamander spam FTW. If you're having trouble against artillery, give one Frog Lore of Life. T8 saurus with 4+regen (throne of vines+flesh to stone+earth blood) will take pretty much whatever they throw at it, except the purple sun, which as you have said you've pretty much shut down via becalming cogitation.

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