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Originally Posted by Baron Spikey View Post
A crazy one I heard recently was that Asuryan escaped being killed by Slaanesh and became the being we know as the Emperor (despite the fact the Emperor had been around for close to 40,000 years before Slaanesh appeared), also the fact that the C'tan essentially run everything and that 2 of the slain Primarchs (Ferrus Manus and Konrad Curze) are not only still alive but are the avatars for 2 of the star gods.

The guy was quite condescending about his theories stating that only those people who'd read all 40k material and could read between the lines would be able to realise the same 'truths' he'd come to believe, in the end though it was just funny because he was so delusional despite no actual evidence or support.
Just in case someone missed it.

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