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Norm, it was not my thread you were boobooing, but I didn`t think it was a good idea anyway.

A dedicated thread sounded... safer shall we say?

One of the best crazy theories I have heard was in regards to the gods of the warp. It actually sounded credible the first time I heard it, but knowing what I do now I can say it is false.

Khaine = Khorne = Gork ... Apparently all the same guy by different races.

Cegorach = Tzeentch = Mork ... And here again.

For a while, I assumed that this made sense. But after reading a few pieces of fluff in the CD codex, it can`t be true, because these gods interact with each other.

It may be retcon, or it may be misunderstanding. Or maybe Khorne and Tzeentch have a few big fake heads stashed somewhere for other races.

Nonsense is our Salvation

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