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Originally Posted by Serpion5 View Post
1: How long have you been in the hobby?
I jumped on with Second Ed. whenever the hell that was. lol
2: How important is Fluff to you, relative to other aspects of the hobby?
Modelling used to be the top aspect when i started, however, i have drifted to the realm of fluffyness where since, i have become entrenched.
3: How devoted are you to the works of the Black Library? By this I basically mean what compels you to buy/read one of their novels, do you pick them because of the races involved, follow certain serials, on a whim, etc...
I review Black Library novels for my blog The Founding Fields, and have been integral in the development and post count of their section here on Heresy. I've gotten to know one of their authors quite well, and hope to be working with them in the future, Emperor willing. I jumped on the Imperial Guard wagon with the start of the Gaunt's Ghosts series so they are my favorite faction. I'm partial to their stories and other assorted media.
4: How many codexes have you taken the time to read thoroughly, including older editions?
Near all of them. Less so the alien ones, since i lean heavily on factions more closely related to the Imperium. I also have an unnatural fixation on Warmaster Slaydo and the events leading up to and surrounding his final moments. As well as other less explored back story where my mind can run free with speculation.
5: Do you enjoy postiulating theories, pondering mysteries, and writing your own works to expand your enjoyment of the hobby?
Highly. (kind of goes without saying. lol)
6: If youa have anything further to add, feel free.
I'm better than you. Nah Nana Boo boo, stick your head in doo doo.


btw, Thread Stuk for coolness.

The Founding Fields

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