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Originally Posted by Whizzwang View Post
tell him to rol 2d6-toughness wounds and laugh as he shrivels up
Almost everytime I've seen Teclis used that wouldnt work as a counter- if he is by himself then he should survive this unless you get an irrisistable force. Teclis shuts down the magic phase pretty nicely: you have 2D6 PD, while he has the higher of those 2 dice plus D3 which means he has a good chance to have as many if not more DD then you have PD, and Teclis gets +5 to all dispel attempts... then he has his own personal scroll (which can permanently stop a spell).

If you do get lucky and the spell goes through you'll get an average of 5 hits, so about 4 wounds (yay he's dead)... but since I've only ever seen Teclis used with Caradryan standing right by him he'll be getting a 4++ ward against teh effect because of MR3: so you should only cause 2 wounds (he should live)... and then there are those evil bastards who have Teclis in a unit with the banner of the world dragon.. so he's utterly immune to all magic anyway (there's a reason I still havent beaten HE with my ogres in 8th... managed it with WE, but not vs Teclis).

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