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Originally Posted by Serpion5 View Post

1: How long have you been in the hobby?

lets see I'm a Junior now so that would be 5-6 years

2: How important is Fluff to you, relative to other aspects of the hobby?

I proudly run fluff-only armies I follow fluff as much as possible it's my favourite aspect of this game

3: How devoted are you to the works of the Black Library? By this I basically mean what compels you to buy/read one of their novels, do you pick them because of the races involved, follow certain serials, on a whim, etc...

Is it 40k? if yes I'll read it

4: How many codexes have you taken the time to read thoroughly, including older editions?

Jesus...um since I ran all of the SM armies at one point or another I think it is

All current SM codicies
4th and 3rd vanilla marine
Old School SW
Old School Orks
New Orks
Old Nids
New Nids
Craftworld Eldar
...I think that's it

5: Do you enjoy postiulating theories, pondering mysteries, and writing your own works to expand your enjoyment of the hobby?

oh of course I write three short novels and background fluff for my DiY chapter of SPESS MAHREENS
ten character limit post

The Undefeated 13th (SW) - W 3, L 0, D 2

The Swarm (Nids) - W 33, L 14, D 0

Da Waugh Squad (Orks) - W 5, L 9, D 2

The Gunline/Gundam Wing (Tau) - Under Construction
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