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1: How long have you been in the hobby?

Well, my White Dwarf collection goes back to August 2001. I was a wee tyke of 8 years then, and had already been interested in my brother's models for a year or two by then, so...most of my life.

2: How important is Fluff to you, relative to other aspects of the hobby?

It is the core of the hobby. If is the living, breathing, festering, rotting, cankerous heart of the hobby...in the best possible way. Without it, 40k would be an empty shell.

I have an army of CSM and a small collection of Skaven, sure. But money is too tight for me to embrace the gaming side of the hobby over much, and my rather vivid imagination prefers the cheaper thrill of the worlds, nay, segmentae of possibilities lain out before us in the fluff.

3: How devoted are you to the works of the Black Library? By this I basically mean what compels you to buy/read one of their novels, do you pick them because of the races involved, follow certain serials, on a whim, etc...

I buy them whenever able, especially if I can find them used. I am, however, too financially constrained to indulge nearly as often as I'd like. I own most of the HH series, chunks of several other flagship series', and a collection of assorted novels and omnibi. I prefer the books that look at 40k differently: Enforcer over the Ultramarines Omnibus, for instance, or Wine of Dreams over The Blackhearts Omnibus. Art books also attract my attention; Liber Chaotica and Xenology are two of my most prized BL possessions, after the signed Gav books (and one signed Nick Kyme book) and the almost-entirely-gold-edition HH books.

4: How many codexes have you taken the time to read thoroughly, including older editions?

12, by my count, of varied armies both 40k and fantasy. This isn't counting additional supplements, though, like The General's Compendium and stuff.

5: Do you enjoy postiulating theories, pondering mysteries, and writing your own works to expand your enjoyment of the hobby?

YES. I live, pretty much, in the fan fiction sections of 40k forums around the internet. I enjoy illuminating the unenlightened with my mighty prose, and delighting in the ideas, theories, and wit of my contemporaries.

6: If you have anything further to add, feel free.

Malice is the greatest of the Ruinous Powers. Hatred and Strife!

EDIT: 7: What would you call your area of expertise?

The Imperium of Man and the traitors against which it struggles. The xenos races...not so much. Not that I dislike them, but they don't quite hold the same appeal of treachery, betrayal and retribution.

CSM Plog, Tactica

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