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1: Since 1995, but had a long haitus from 97'-06 till i found the Black Library. I cant paint, i dont play tabletop. I just read BL books and discuss 40K lore/cannon.

2: Considering I only read 40K, very important. But we all have to understand 40K cannon is 'flexable'. with so many writers, stuff ups are bound to happen. writers are only human... arnt they?

3: With around 50+ BL novels down, I'm pretty devoted. Ive started my own 40K book review blog (link in my sig). Its called Drop Site Massacre or DSM. I dont profess to write the greatest reviews. That award goes to Graeme's Fantasy Book Review. He's amazing. I just do it an a create outlet for myself. and because i think my reviews are passable and worthy of a read.

4: Not many unfortunately. Its an area id like to expand on.

5: I enjoy debating BL books and fluff with the other Heretics in the HO: BL subforum. I cant write my own fiction, as much as i wish i could, i just dont have the creative talent. The regular crew in the BL subforum on here is one of the best crews Ive had discussions with on 40K fiction anywhere. Friendly, knowledgeable contributers.

6: I consider myself pretty well versed with 40K lore and cannon. id reckon i might get in the top 10 (closer to 10 than 1) in the HO's top fluff/cannon knowledgeable members. (not including BL employees or BL writers). Im big fans of Child of the Emperor/Baron Spikey and Commisar Ploss. Lord of the Night is also a very good contributer. Id say CotE and Baron Spikey are my 2 top fave contributers to read on here. I wish i knew as much about 40K fiction as they do. I'd be a better reviewer.

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