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1. I have been playing for 8 years in about 2 weeks

2. I find it very important. I am known to get very angry at people who place heroes like Lysander into an ultrasmurfs force. Every army I have has its own background and its relation to my Eldar (my main force)

3. I tend not to pick out many BL books. Although I do own the entire Gaunts Ghosts series, the gotrek and felix novels and pah of the warrior.

4. I have read every codex released by GW since chaos codex 3.5 (the first codex from the first WD I ever got-still have that same WD)

5. I like listening to other peoples theories. I then do my own background research before I come to a decision to agree or disagree with that theory.

6. I am getting very, very, very sleepy.
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