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1: How long have you been in the hobby?

2000 onwards.

2: How important is Fluff to you, relative to other aspects of the hobby?

Very, I no longer play TT.

3: How devoted are you to the works of the Black Library? By this I basically mean what compels you to buy/read one of their novels, do you pick them because of the races involved, follow certain serials, on a whim, etc...

I'll pick up everything but give priority to series' like gaunts ghosts, ravenor/risenhorn, cain, ventris, horus heresy and authors like Abnett, MacNeill, Dembski-Bowden, Thorpe...

4: How many codexes have you taken the time to read thoroughly, including older editions?

I could hazard a guess at maybe the last two editions of all races bar tyranids and orks, those races just don't interest me. But it's been a while since I picked up a codex, they're boxed somewhere.

5: Do you enjoy postiulating theories, pondering mysteries, and writing your own works to expand your enjoyment of the hobby?


6: If youa have anything further to add, feel free.

nothing right now
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