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Name: Tyriel Saradorm.

Age: 84 Years old.

Appearence: Like all Astartes Tyriel is well muscled where it needs to be, but the main focus of his muscles are in his arms where he wields his force weapon. When Tyriel removes his helmet he has shoulder length raven black hair often left to just dangle as it is, his face is very angular with his chin being sort of pointed. Tyriel's must distinguishing features are his eyes which are a odd purple colour with a slightly slitted pupil very similar to a cat.

Tyriel's armour is the standard mark 5 power armor for the Astartes with his legs covered up by a black robe. On the rims of his shoulder guards and all of the trim of his armor he has the standard gold colour of the thousand sons with the rest of it blue. His helmet is that of a horned helmet instead of the normal Thousand Sons Helmet.(See link for appearance)

Personality: When summed up into a sentence Tyriel is: Arrogant and self-centered, he will often stay reserved when it comes to giving his input in matters of a non-important nature. When it comes to solving problems Tyriel will always try to stay level headed and think the problem through, but should that fail he results to his favorite saying: "If at first yo dont succeed, Excessive force is probably the answer".

Weapons: As per standard of a Aspiring Sorcerer, Tyriel uses the standard Bolter Pistol with several extra clips on his belt. On the left side of his hip he raises his force sword.

Background: Before Tyriel was recruited into The Thousand Sons he lived on a small isolated planet in the Galactic East of the Imperium which had completely changed to worshiping the chaos gods as they believed the Emperor had abandoned them. When Tyriel was 18 the Imperium had send a task force to assess the planet and find out why it hadnt sent tribute to the rest of the Imperium for so long. After the task force arrived and found the planet and chosen to follow the chaos gods they started on a planetary purge, killing everything and everyone they can find. As they reached the city where Tyriel lived he can and hid and prayed to the Chaos Gods for protection and Salvation....And he was seemingly granted his wish as a portal in the warp opened up and The Thousand Sons arrived. It was also during this Warp storm/portal that Tyriel's latent psychic powers awakened. He lay on the floor writhing in pain as he couldnt stop his body from slowly over heating with the new awakening of his power, it was then another Chaos Sorcerer noticed this and methodically studied the teenager, coming to the conclusion that he may be useful in the future the Sorcerer had to knock out Tyriel to stop his powers burning him from the inside out.

Powers: Tyriel has started on the path to become a master of Psychokinesis and is able raise his internal body temperature before projecting it and releasing it from his hands in fireballs.
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