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Hopefully I'll meet standards with this character; simply ask for more detail as necessary and it will be furnished, as I am more than willing to edit to meet standards.

Name: Ulthrexyl

Age: App. 79 Terran Standard

Appearance: 7'2", with a comparitively lean frame for an Astartes. Sharp, angular facial structure with high-perched ears, dark and oily hair at shoulder length, and fiery amber eyes with black flecks. Crazed scar marks across his chest from various battle injuries. Bio-daemonic hybrid left hand, akin to a clawed human hand (no bonus strength). A livid and knotted scar along his right jawline further enhances his unquenchable air of unbreakable stamina. Wears Mark VI "Corvus" Armor in Thousand Sons colors.

Presonality: Ulthrexyl is a surly, calculating madman. His quiet if threatening demeanor breaks into unrestrained violence in battle, even as he retains his cool veneer. He looks to his comrades as indesposible so long as their power aids him in his machinations. His time as a loyalist Librarian entrenched his crazed instincts in cold logic and control, and under his patron god his bastard blend of twisted logic and metered insanity make him a particularly unpredictable element in war. His inability to rise through the ranks of the sorcerors of Tzeentch has left its mark as bitter, hateful zeal.

Force axe, bolt pistol

Background: Ulthrexyl was taken in by the Crusaders of Antex Chapter in 827.M41 as a neophyte and was quickly sent to the chapter librarium for indoctrination as a chapter psyker. His battle skills proved ferocious, but the Crusaders held to a standard of disciplined warmaking that chafed at the young marine. His studies in the librarium leaned heavily towards the art of prediction, as his abilities had first led him to become a Space Marine. He saw horrific, twisted danger in his future, but falsely pinned it to the harm an Astartes might face. However, his gift became a curse, and the more he grew as a Space Marine, the more hellish his visions grew. In his attempt to avoid such a fate, he desperately grasped at his chapter's ranks to reach a position none could challenge: that of chief librarian. Although he never reached this goal due to the unpredictable nature of his powers, he served as an acolyte for around 50years realspace time.

For a time, the terrible visions receded, and he thought he was at last free. Until he came across a forbidden text upon a mission to eliminate a sorceror and her cult. The book called to him, its unspoken temptation a cry from the damned souls it had consumed. Upon opening the book, his fate was sealed. All the visions of horror he had left behind crashed in upon him, and the librarian was driven nearly mad, only the indoctrinated discipline of mind keeping him on the edge of sanity. It was then that Tzeentch called to him, and offered a taste of the prophecy which was his purview.

Ulthrexyl knew he was ensnared. Knew that he was betraying his chapter, the Emperor, and mankind. He didn't care. Alongside all the visions of blood and fire and doom, Tzeentch offered visions of power, glory, and eternal bloodshed in his name. The two blended into a horrible effigy of past, present, and future. It was maddening, and soothing, all at once.

For nearly a century, the fallen Astartes has studied across the galaxy in vain, trying to follow the convoluted path of Tzeemtch through his twisted predictions. All has led to his service to the Sons of Magnus, and finally, a search for damned enlightenment under master sorcerors.

Powers: Foresight (maddened - Ulthrexyl's visions show only the most extreme of predictions, resulting in overreaction which may do as much harm as good)

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