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Hope this is adequate, let me know if I should change anything.

Name: Chisisi Mubarak

Age: 34

Appearence: At just over 6’5” and thin beyond the point of healthy, Chisisi casts a somewhat bizarre figure. A number of self-inflicted scars line his deeply tan skin, and most of the ribs showing on his abdomen appear to have been broken at some point. A handful of tattoos decorate the unmarred portions of his skin, all of them references to time or immortality. Most notably, a small ankh rests firmly above his thick brow and dark eyes. A thick mane of black hair flows to Chisisi’s shoulders, always unkempt and often falling over his serious features.

Chisisi favors his armor and is rarely seen without it. It is a typical Thousand Son design, though he rarely wears the helm. The tabard that hangs from his waist displays the sacred symbol of Tzeentch, and it is cinched by a copper chain ornamented with an ankh.

Personality: Chisisi has an anxious personality. With his incessant paranoia and persecution complex, he tends towards a lot of fidgeting and looks over his shoulder often. Chisisi fears a permenant death most of all, and he makes elaborate plans to ensure that he remains safe and alive. Like most sorcerers, Chisisi is unendingly curious and always eager to learn. Chisisi’s greatest aspiration is to ascend to daemonhood, thus insuring his immortality.

Weapons: Bolt pistol, force khopesh.

Background: Born on a bustling hive world to Imperial scribes, Chisisi started life in a world of endless information. Eager and intelligent, he was nonetheless skeptical of the Imperial cult from the start, their endless indoctrinations failing to catch in the young boy. Enamored with the stories of old battles and ancient warriors, it was at a very young age that Chisisi learned about Magnus the Red, reading from a yellowing text hidden away from the eyes of his parents. Despite his arcane interests, Chisisi was destined to be yet another bureaucrat, were it not for the intervening whispers of chaos.

Having grown accustomed to the bizarre amount of good fortune that seemed to bless his life, Chisisi’s latent powers exploded onto the scene when he was just reaching adolescence. On a day like most others, the young boy suddenly found himself overcome by a blinding headache. A series of images flashed through his mind: his father hiding something behind his back, his mother grinning, teeth bared murderously, a knife glinting in the light, and finally, a massive labyrinth, at the center of which stood a shadowy man, his silhouette constantly shifting. Over the next few days, the visions returned, always the same, always knotting Chisisi’s stomach with fear. Finally, the boy awoke one morning to his parents standing over him.

“We have a surprise for you,” his father said, his hands behind his back. Chisisi’s mother stood silently, concealing something sitting on the nightstand. In her left hand, the glint of metal caught the boy’s eye. Chisisi felt the now familiar ache in his skull come over him. The labyrinth overtook his vision once more, its twisting passages sailing by as though he were flying through it. He stood at the center of the maze, before him, the shadow from his visions.
“Surprise,” spoke the shadow, in his father’s voice, “Surprise, surprise, prise, ise, ise, dies, dies, DIES, DIES, DIE, DIE!” Chisisi howled in fear, lashing out at the shadow. A blur of violence followed, the boy’s headache worsening until he thought he might die. Finally, the pain ceased, and Chisisi found himself back in his room, his parents lying dead before him. In his father’s hand, a small package, wrapped in colorful paper. Behind his mother, a tiny cake, Chisisi’s name written in frosting. He never saw the gifts his parents got him for his birthday, he merely ran, still convinced he had excaped his own murder.

After that fateful event, Chisisi fled, letting his feet take him wherever they landed. A single thought guided his actions: the shadow that had whispered to him, that had stood before him, that had guided him to safety. In no time at all, Chisisi had fallen in with a cult of Tzeentch devotees. With his budding, though unpredictable powers of foresight, and extensive, nearly obsessive plans, he quickly climbed the ranks. After years of bizarre worship and devotion, Chisisi was allowed the first step to ascendency, to lead a troop of Rubics in the endless crusades of the Thousand Sons.

Powers: Foresight

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